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Written by Basil Cambanis   
Saturday, 28 August 2010 05:34
Gautrain pulling into Sandton station
Gautrain pulling into Sandton station

My family and I took a ride on the Gautrain a few weeks ago, and we were very impressed with it's speed and efficiency.

Being the fastest train in South Africa (160 km per hour), I thought it worth a brief mention on the speed site.
Whilst no kiter has managed this speed YET (115 at present), it's a good target to have for the future.
According to the GT-35 we reached a peak speed of 87.63 knots; which is 100.84 miles p/hr, or 45 m p/sec, or 162.29 km p/hr.
There are a few sections of the GPS tracks missing while we were underground.

It's a great addition to the public transport system and much needed.
The line currently runs between Sandton and OR Tambo airport, with stops at Marlboro and Rhodesfield. It takes a mere 12 minutes to cover 19.8km including stops. 
The lines is currently being extended and will also run between Park Station in Johannesburg to Hatfield in Pretoria; this is due for completion in 2011.
The route map can be found HERE

It costs R21 to ride from or to Sandton and Rhodesfield stations, and R100 to go from or to the airport from any station (each way).
The latest Tariffs can be found HERE

A train leaves the station every 12 minutes during Peak periods (05h30-08h30 & 16h00-19h00), every 20 minutes during Offpeak periods (08h30-16h00 & 19h00-20h30), and every 30 minutes on weekend and public holidays (no buses then).
There is parking at each of the stations which is open 5am until 9pm.

Here's the route on Google Earth taken from the GPS track file :
Gautrain route

You can download the 5Hz GPS track file HERE